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Project Funding & User Rewards

Flickto will fund content creators to produce new Films, TV and Internet Streaming shows that currently have no access to funding or finance. FLICK token holders will be eligible to receive a portion of the distribution profits if the media project is successful. If it is not successful, FLICK token holders take on no risk

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Cardano Powered

Using the unique capabilities of the Cardano Blockchain while embracing the Cardano community, we can provide financial benefits to FLICK token holders while raising funds for projects. NFT airdrops and our Initial Stake Pool Offering will be live soon 


The FLICK token will provide utility to the Flickto platform, enabling users to vote on the projects that interest them the most. FLICK will also be listed on DEX/CEXs and tradable on the open market, distributing our fundraising vehicle far and wide

Why Flickto?

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Open Project

FLICK holders are the ones that determine what projects get funding and not the project team. Flickto provides a platform for users to engage with content creators, get updates on projects and have more collaboration than ever before. 



The Flickto platform is all about rewards. FLICK token holders be able to stake their FLICK to earn more FLICK by voting on projects as well as be eligible to receive a portion of the distribution rewards of funded projects

Heart & Hands


The Flickto project is backed by a registered company in England (Flickto Ltd). This combined with the projects public leadership after launch gives accountability and trust between platform users, content creators, investors and the Flickto team


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