Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO)

ISPOs are a proven way to generate funding for projects on Cardano and have been utilised by a few projects already. At Flickto, we will use the ISPO model to not only raise funding for the project itself, but also be one source of funding for the media projects the Flickto community chooses to launch via our launchpad.

Delegating to one of our pools will earn you FLICK tokens as well as enter you into our various project NFT airdrops. Aside from the private and presale rounds, it is the only way to obtain FLICK tokens prior to their launch on a DEX/CEX.

Delegating your ADA is secure, non-custodial and easy to do from all the main Cardano wallets, and compared to delegating from an exchange you'll also be helping to secure the Cardano network.

Pool details

Reward details
From the Whitepaper:

Flickto Whitepaper v1_Page_06 copy_edited.jpg

Ticker: FLICK

100% of Stake Rewards go to the Flickto Project

Fixed Fee: 340ADA

Variable Fee: 99%

Pool ID:

Pool hash (for ADAlite):

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Please check that you're delegated to the correct FLICK pool to avoid scammers

We will soon be launching our rewards tracking dashboard so you can see how many FLICK Tokens you have earned

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