Dean Blackwood

Platform Engineer

Dean is a new graduate of Brunel University London who achieved a Second-class honours; Upper division (2:1). He is an incredibly motivated individual with an obsessive mindset to strive for constant self-improvement, growth, and enlightenment.
University has provided Dean with the opportunity to practice, participate and develop in numerous intricate projects individually and within a team, which has helped him to acquire new skills and a broad understanding of industry knowledge within computing. Subsequently, he is now on new journey working at Flickto where he can continue to develop his programming skills, work on more projects, build connections within the industry as a platform engineer.

Aside from his interests in technology, Dean indulges in reading, to further his understanding around specific topics such as business, finance, and self improvement.

Fun fact
He once ran in the London Olympic stadium in 2017 and his face was shown on the big screen.