Sid Singh

Management team leader

Sid is a growth hacker, a marketeer, a copywriter and basically a creative at heart, having spent over 20 years working with startups in several industries and speaking as a presenter he loves seeing things grow and working with passionate people. Always seeking to learn and add value Sid has a team that he manages to ensure that the community of ‘Flicktonites’ (He coined that name) are growing in numbers and support of the project. He also manages the procurement element ensuring we don’t overspend and get the best value for money. He’s an avid networker and loves watching movies. Flickto has given him an insight into the world of Crypto. Fun Fact: My Uncle was in Bollywood, I once stepped out of his vanity van in India and was in my early 20s, some people stood there wondering who I was, I walked right up to them like a boss and gave them my autograph 🙂 One day… who knows!