Please find v1 of the Flickto Whitepaper embedded below. If you would prefer to download it for mobile devices or offline viewing, click here: 

For Users

  • Stake FLICK tokens to vote on projects the users believe in

  • Become a part of a multi billion $ industry

  • Be eligible to receive NFT airdrops from media projects

  • Be rewarded for participation with a share of project distribution profits

  • Be eligible to consume funded projects for free via Flickto internal distribution

  • Trade FLICK on CEX/DEX's

Film Production

For Content Creators

  • Gain access to project/production funding

  • Gain insight & feedback from the community on your project plans

  • Support in creation & distribution of project artefacts such as NFTs & trailers

  • Engage a global, diverse community 

  • Support available from an experienced production company

  • Distribution platform (if required)