Why does big money control the media we all see?

Things change rapidly in this ever-evolving world. Media, however, has been dominated by the same franchises for decades. There are issues within the film industry that need to be looked at.

With the increase of franchised movies, there becomes a lack of originality within the film industry. Even though profits from these ongoing sequels are lucrative, they bring on a stagnant era of innovation and creativity.

This hinders the growth of the industry and the business model as a whole. I’m sure that a lot of people would be in agreement, that with just a few exceptions, the majority of franchised films lack the unique storytelling that we crave as human beings.

Furthermore, the complete disregard for ‘short films’ within the industry highlights the industries sole focus on driving profits. With particular movies dominating the box office scene, this leaves little to no opportunity for original ideas and concepts to form and take centre stage.

With the lack of ideas circulating within the traditional media sector, the film industry is starting to be treated as a commodity. Storytelling is beginning to fade away and this could invite worrying and devastating issues for the industry as a whole.

With major franchises dominating the box office, the flow of money throughout the industry becomes less likely. Overtly high expectations regarding revenue and profits seem to lie at the heart of the most established media organisations.

With public funding being an inaccessible avenue and development funding being virtually unattainable, a huge issue arises for content creators. Many media projects are unable to take off due to the lack of funding that is provided at pivotal moments.

Due to restraints being emphasised upon them to protect and reinforce the traditional media model, most of these projects tend to wither away. Projects that have viable opportunities to progress in the future are often shut down because they do not correlate with what the traditional media sees as ‘acceptable’.

In an industry where uniqueness succumbs to revenue, a shift in dynamics is overdue.

With empowerment at the heart of #FLICK helping to drive the next era of media and film is imperative. For too long content creators from around the globe have been undervalued and this creates a major disparity. It’s time for the current media industry model to be recreated.

Flickto provides an alternative mechanism to fund, support and distribute media. This mechanism empowers the community and fans while enabling creators to obtain funding without being inhibiting to their desire to be original, authentic and unique.

What does a world look like where media is funded and distributed by Flicktonites?